Spain, summer 2006

“Pleasant expectations to a stylish and hopefully eventful evening.
Wearing a carefully selected wardrobe, favourite high heels,
hair is styled, appropriate make up is on, and an interesting date awaits.

Only problem is jewellery.
It has to be unique; an earring,
An earring that promotes my beauty,
something individual and extraordinary.
In perfect harmony with me and with my outfit.

Is it an illusion or does this jewellery exist?
It does: the collection from
Miss Honey Penny
A new concept that
´reflects well on you´”
The German brand founded in 2006 represents
”artworks for ears”.

18 individual earrings each its own work of art.

The ”private line” will be launched in autumn 2007 and represents the tailor made line from With superb materials and exclusive collections .

For Retailers:
The misshoneypenny box comes with all 18 ”works of arts” in one box. The box highlights individuality and creativity when presented in retail stores! Contact us.
© Miss Honey Penny 2006